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The Society For Promotion Of Science Engineering And Technology also recognized as SENTEC is a podium that deliver the scholars with a chance of screening the spur they preserve inside themselves and that is required to be shined. It is a mammoth event that summons institutions all over Pakistan to fetch the novelties they possess and get attached to a label of brilliant.

This society is one of the oldest society being operated in NED University of Engg & Tech. Karachi since last 18 years and this time once again the society has emerged with the same aim.

SENTEC emphasizes to provide disclosure to the youth of Pakistan. Through the assistance of spectators of up to 10,000 and with practical and impartial panel the ventures will be arbitrated legitimately on the root of one's competence and to award the winners with an enchanting prize money upto 200,000 PKR

Recent Updates

SENTEC MPERC, All Pakistan Mega Project Exhibition, Robotics & competitions on 8th, 9th August

SENTEC Education Abroad Fair on 10th August

SENTEC Summer Fiesta on 18th August


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Presiding Board

Mr. Syed Ghazanfar Hussain

Registrar NED


Dr. Ali Hasan Mahmood

Controller Students Affair


Muhammad Umair Khan



Saad Bin Suleman



Executive Board

Saeed Ahmed

VP (General)


Taha Shakeel

Vice President (Internal)


Ali Raza

Vice President (External)


Shiraz Khan Sherwani



Muhammad Umair Khan

I am pleased to welcome the team members of SENTEC'16 on board. SENTEC has always been an exhilarating journey and a rewarding experience throughout the three years of my association with this society. This year, SENTEC marches forward to achieve even greater milestones with the zeal to create our mark in the promotion of science and technology and to bring together students and professionals, from institutions across the country, to unleash their potential on a single competitive platform. I wish Team SENTEC'16 all the best in their endeavours and stand alongside them with all my support and encouragement.

Saad Bin Suleman

Living in a world where enhancing technology is the only viable option to longterm sustainence, developments are the key to moving forward. The fast moving world technology needs fimiliarity with the young minds preparing them technilcally. With the aim to provide a fine learning opportunity to the young engineers to enlighten their minds with the latest, this year's goal was to bring a national change, incorportaing the entire countries young enginners to make them better professionals. Believing professionalism is not an option, its a nessecity. An aim worth investing time in and in the way grooming those who became part of it by giving them exposure to a professional work environment. And with the guidence from the helping faculty now just a step away from puting this into a reality.

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