IT Competitions

Speed Programming

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it. Speed Programming competitions helps you making decisions, not in a programming life but also in the practical life , because "Thinking practice". This competition provides the students to believe in their programming skills and come up with their extra ordinar y energy with the country’s top programmers. It’s the game of believe in yourself, So, if you are getting good logical mind through such competitions why you don't participate then step forward to register yourself in the mega competition.

Web Development

Do you have the capabilities to create your own world, in the sea of internet? Then come, and be a part of the Web development and show the world the new era of records.

Android App Development

The usage of applications has reached immense popularity and their usefulness slowly transformed from what was merely a luxurious advantage into a basic tool for daily needs in terms of information, communication, mobility, entertainment , Because Android has become a part of our everyday life, you ought to part icipate in enhancing the quality of the services that the platform provides. The SENTEC’16 Competition for Android is a great experience not only because it teaches students about useful technical tools - it also pushes them to research and analyze in ord er to meet a demand. This event will be an amazing opportunity for the developers to gain experience about programming and design, show their creativity, and build an application that could be used by millions of people from all around the globe.

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