Muhammad Afzal Haque
(Vice Chancellor NED)

It gives me immense pleasure to witness that students are initiating activities that not only enhance their technical skills but also polish their managerial skills. Organizing an event like SENTEC truly allows an opportunity to do both. I am glad that this year SENTEC has emerged with aim to set new milestone in the history of NED University. I wish the organizers, participating teams and those who are part of SENTEC, a successful event and enjoyable experience.

Dr. Muhamamd Tufail
(Dean Mechanical Department,NED)

I would appreciate students to take part in extra curriculum activities along with their studies. SENTEC, The society for the promotion of science Engineering and technology is nationwide well reputed giving a wide area for practicing and implementing what future engineers preserve in them.

Prof. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi
(Dean CEA)

Dilemma of NED University is that remarkable projects are buried into labs and Die out. They do not come into lime light due to unavailability of proper forum. There are a lot of people with a lot of ideas; I want SENTEC to bring out these hidden innovations. SENTEC will provide all these innovations a platform for exhibition. All you have tremendous capabilities which you don’t know yet. I expect a lot from brilliant students of NED University. If these brilliant brains cannot bring the innovations then who else. SENTEC must exactly know what they are supposed to do the SENETC will surely be successful.

Dr. Saad A. Qazi
(Dean ECE)

About SENTEC, you know it’s all about promoting science. Recently I visited KOREA. What I observed and learnt from the visit is that the world reliance on Natural Economy is getting obsolete now. The world is now moving towards “Knowledge Economy”. What we were witnessing today is that small, land locked nations with slightest natural reserves are leading in worlds economy. It is happening because they are rich in knowledge economy. Knowledge economy is based on three core components; (1) science, (2) technology, (3) commercialization. Science is to ‘know’ what it takes to leave gravity. Technology is to ‘build’ rocket using your knowledge, and commercialization is to ‘target and market’ to the right audience. Hence, my message for the students is the same that is to contribute towards your nation’s knowledge economy.

Muhammad Umair Khan

I am pleased to welcome the team members of SENTEC'16 on board. SENTEC has always been an exhilarating journey and a rewarding experience throughout the three years of my association with this society. This year, SENTEC marches forward to achieve even greater milestones with the zeal to create our mark in the promotion of science and technology and to bring together students and professionals, from institutions across the country, to unleash their potential on a single competitive platform. I wish Team SENTEC'16 all the best in their endeavours and stand alongside them with all my support and encouragement.

Saad Bin Suleman

Living in a world where enhancing technology is the only viable option to longterm sustainence, developments are the key to moving forward. The fast moving world technology needs fimiliarity with the young minds preparing them technilcally. With the aim to provide a fine learning opportunity to the young engineers to enlighten their minds with the latest, this year's goal was to bring a national change, incorportaing the entire countries young enginners to make them better professionals. Believing professionalism is not an option, its a nessecity. An aim worth investing time in and in the way grooming those who became part of it by giving them exposure to a professional work environment. And with the guidence from the helping faculty now just a step away from puting this into a reality.

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