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The orientation session of society for promotion of science, engineering and technology for the year 2016 took place on February 19, 2016 . This event was intended to promote awareness among the students regarding the future plans of the society as well the importance of robotics . In this regard experts were invited to share their knowledge and enlighten the minds of future scientists and engineers of Pakistan. The list of speakers and chief guests for the event is as follows:

Formula fusion team from NED was also invited to share their experience with the students. The successful combination of management, team work, AUTOCAD and robotics session, presentation and guest lectures of famous and influencing personalities from al l across the university as well as other organizations succeeded in attracting a houseful of students from different departments of the university as well as from other institutes. During the whole day many motivational words were heard and a lot of stude nts were informed about the importance of robotics via this event.


The society for promotion of science engineering and technology also provided the opportunity for the students of NED U niversity to visit the Karachi nuclear power plant on Fe bruary 13 , 2016. The students were welcomed warmly and were guided through the site. A quality briefing on the plant’s main purpose was given in the orientation. T he students also availed the golden opportunity to visit the control room of KANUPP and later on also got the chance to go to the construction site of K2. A reward was also announced by Dr. Nusrat Mirza for writing a report on comparison between K1 K2 and K3. Mr. Ghazanfar Hussain Dr.Nusrat Mirza Engr.Faizan Jawaid Mr.Nadeem Ashraf Masroor Pervez Khan Usman Khalil, Faraz Ali Mr.Iqbal Hashmi The visit proved to be very enlightening for the students and was a great source of inform ation of everyone who visited.


The workshop on aerial vehicle was held on J une 1, 2016. I t was a one day technical workshop arranged by the society of promotion of science , e ngineering an d techn ology in collaboration with E lectrotech firm . The session was addressed by e ngineer Naveed who enlightened the audience with the basic steps for the construction of a drone. A t the end of the workshop, the queries of the students were answered by hi m. Also a few people from the audience got the chance to operate the drones via the guidance of the pilots from E lectrotech. The workshop was a very informative event and was a great source of technical knowledge for the participants.

WHITE FLAG MEETING - an initiative by SENTEC

SENTEC the society for promotion of Science, Engineering and Technology, took the initiative to arrange a “White Flag Meeting” in which the representatives of different science societies from NED as well as from ot her universities were called in order to unite all the societies on one platform so that they can work together for their common cause i.e. spreading scientific knowledge among students and promoting science and technology on larger platforms, in the futur e, which would help all the societies in reaching new heights of success as others would also unite and support them in their cause. The following representatives were invited to attend the meeting:

The following societies were invited to participate from NEDUET:

The main points that were discussed in the meeting are as under:

Workshop on electrical accidents preventions and hazards

The workshop on electrical accidents preventions was organized on March 22, 2016 by SENTEC with emerging technologies research group. The overall objective of the workshop was to build the awareness in the society about the safety requirements while using the electrical equipment, its practical applications and prediction services in the health sector for improved decisi on - making. The ob jective was achieved through lectures, comprehensive d iscussions and further discussion during the question answer session. The workshop focused on electrical accidents, its causes and safety requirements for its preventions. M r. Nadeem Ashraf shared his v iews regarding the topics. T he workshop was thought provoking for all the engineers who attended .

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