Robotics Competitions


It all started with a dr e am to beat human championship, everyone dreams of being the world champion some day! A huge challenge in the field of software and mechatronics. Robots can do a lot of things, but they can also (cutely) play soccer . The element of competition makes that the entire team is highly motivated so they will spend a large part of their spare time planning, desig ning and improving the robots. N ow we can see it for the time in NEDUET by SENTEC platform, it will be sa vage, it will be treacherous. I t is a game of styles, control, damage and to collect maximum points as you travel through it.

National Aerial Vehicle Competition

It is the longest running university-based robotics competition in the world. Aerial Robotics is to describe a new class of small highly intelligent flying machines. The successive years of competition saw these aerial robots grow in their capabilities from vehicles that could at first barely maintain themselves in the air, to the most recent automatons which are self-stable, self-navigating, and able to interact with their environment especially objects on the ground. This year for the very first time NEDUET is arranging this competition.


Robowar involves a battle of two robots. There are four places in the arena where bonus points are installed. Taking the enemy robot there would add bonus points in your account. An exciting match would be held with commentary and background themes .


Robohaste is being introduced by SENTEC for the first time. This amazing competiti on resembles the all - time famous game “Subway Surfer” i - e your robot would be followed by SENTEC’s robot and would be disqualified if it is being hit by SENTEC’s robot three times. Moreover, this competition is a mixture of LFR and Maze Solver .


Resembles the athletics game of racing. The difference is that there are robots in place of human beings. The robot has to complete the race by passing through underpasses and flyovers. The robot that takes the least time would wi

Robo Road

To design a manually controlled robot that can transverse given path through different terrains including various obstacles, bridges, inclines and much more then what is expected. To ride your way through the narrow alleys to find a way out of the perplexing maze and to collect maximum points as you travel through it.

This is a quantum leap in terms of difficulty compared to other competitions, which leads a maker to the heights of wisdom, and astonish people with the wonders of your mind

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